Mending hearts & spreading peace through children heart surgeries by connecting people
The Background
Congenital heart disease is a huge burden. Approximately 8 babies in every 1000 live births are affected. This is now one of the leading causes of infant deaths, birth defects cause at least 10% of Infant mortalities in India. The situation is even worse in countries where they lack facilities and expertise.
In the past decade a few hospitals have developed dedicated programs for Congenital Heart Surgeries. This project focuses upon high risk but operable cases that are often rejected because of the risk involved. Many precious lives can be saved when a little funding and expertise are extended in a timely fashion. After a certain stage, these children become inoperable. This is a big trauma for parents who see their children dying in front of their eyes when it could have been averted.
There is an increased need for life-saving Corrective Congenital Heart Surgeries in India and neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and others. In addition, requests for support In the  form of funds and expertise come from many other countries.
The Partners
Rotary Clubs of E-Club of Connect Delhi, Shingal, Paramus, Cupertino,
Bangalore South, Attibele Sarjapuna, Cornwall Sunrise
Districts 3600, 3680, 3523, 4490,7040
The Rotary Foundation
The Goals
The long-term aim is to create a fellowship in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery for international CTVS and to establish Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Programs in countries where these facilities do not exist. This is the beginning of a capacity building exercise.  In the future we plan to train various team members such as Anesthetists, Intensivists, Perfusionists and Nurses. We propose to name this the ‘Artemis - Rotary Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery’
Children on a “wait list” in India and other countries who have been screened through local Rotary Clubs/Local Heart Hospitals/Gift of Life International and personal requests based on their financial backgrounds are the targeted surgery beneficiaries. This project aims to treat 22 children for corrective heart surgery and train 2 doctors so that they can work in their respective hospitals to identify, manage and treat children suffering from Cardiac problems since birth.
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