Global Grant #2124970

Educating Educators – Tumaco
Project Description – This project involves training 39 teachers in the Rio Mira sector, Colombia. Currently teachers suffer from both a lack motivation and knowledge. Training will focus on pedagogy, societal values, use of technology, management of school and local environmental issues.
General Needs –Professional development of teachers in Rio Mira sector is minimal. Many teachers lack the ability to provide their students with basic literacy and numeracy skills with the result that dropout rates are high and illiteracy is common in some communities. Without opportunities to progress and test innovative ideas, a general lack of motivation by both teachers and students exists. An educational strategy to ensure that self-esteem, empowerment, passion for their vocation and vocational expertise is restored to the teachers is essential for the ultimate success of the students and community. Provision of school facility and equipment upgrades are required.



Beginning of the teacher training program 

August 10, 2022
The Community Needs this Project Addresses
  • This project aims to raise the level and quality of the delivery of basic education  through training rural teachers in values; basic use of technology; modern pedagogy concepts; class management; caring for the environment.
  •  39 teachers from colleges and schools in the Río Mira sector will receive training.
  • The goal is to help overcome the current deficiencies as reflected in low academic achievement and motivation.
  • Through education teachers will be trained in new techniques of pedagogy that will provide them with skills that develop self-esteem, Ieadership, empowerment, working as a team and taking care of their living and working environment.
  • A goal for the community is that with the improved delivery of basic education and the improvement of student knowledge/skills will lead to a desire for continuing education.
  • A goal for the teachers will be to find new ways to deliver their knowledge with enthusiasm, responsibility, quality and commitment, thus creating a better education experience for their students that will lead to better social relationships and greater inclusion of all in work environments.
  • Rotary has strategic alliances with businesspeople in the region
  • The Norwegian Fund will strengthen the educational theme of this project
  • Teacher training will be done by certified teachers from Fundamira school. 
  • Basic literacy classes for members of the community will be available for those who are interested.
  • Depending upon their funding, supplemental training for teachers will be made available by Consejo Noruego para refugiados (Norweigian refugee fund) who have been working in the area for several years showing teachers how to engage children in the classroom by using different workshops has a means to educate. These workshops are geared to help develop self esteem, improve interpersonal relationships, living together, building positive peace awareness, and focusing on environmental issues (maintaining a clean environment-establishing a kitchen garden).
Educating Educators - GG#2124970
The Rotary Partners
Armenia International (Host sponsor)  District 4281
Miramar Pines (International Sponsor) District 6990
Cornwall Sunrise
West Ottawa
D7040 Passport
Districts 4281 and 6990
The Rotary Foundation
Total project budget $39,659 USD