A New Smile - Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery
A Day of Free of Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery of the program "Jornada programa UNA NUEVA SONRISA 2019-2020"  (A New Smile) of the Clubs Torbes and Valle de Santiago D4380 Venezuela. Seven children from families in the community who have limited resources benefited. The preoperative preparation, anesthesia, the seven surgeries with one day of hospitalization each were performed and the postoperative medications were given to the seven children. This was all totally free for the families of these children.
This was a team effort.  Club Rotario Envigado Ayurá collaborated with the provision of medicines; Club Rotario Medellin el Poblado, with surgical medical supplies;  Club Rotario San José de Cucuta receives and stores the donated drugs from Medellin;, the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise helped with surgical medical supplies; Chelsea Rotary Club helped with anesthetics. La Trinidad Surgical Medical Center provided the operating rooms, nurses and hospitalization, staff of surgeons , anesthesiologists and instrumentalists and private help within the city.
Medellin-El Poblado, Ant., Colombia (Rotary Club
Santiago-San Cristobal Valley, Tách., Venezuela (Rotary Club)
Envigado Ayurá, Ant., Colombia (Rotary Club)
Santiago Valley, Táchira, Venezuela (Interact Club)
Cornwall Sunrise, ON, Canada (Rotary Club)
Torbes, Táchira, Venezuela (Rotary Club)
Chelsea, MA, USA (Rotary Club)