Hosting and participating in a Virtual Trivia Night last November was a real fun experience for an enthusiastic group of people. Hosting a successful event required a team effort by everyone involved in the various phases of organizing from start to finish. We are particularly indebted to our quizmasters and tech team who are working hard to cook up a brand new series of questions to challenge your skills and knowledge about lots of things; we welcome our sponsors and are delighted they are back; and of course we hope that trivia enthusiasts from far and near will contribute to fun by participating.
Participating in a virtual event is very different from the annual in-person event that we have hosted for the past 22 years. Gone were the teams and tables of eight; gone was the silent auction as a holiday shopping event; and gone was the rush to get a good seat. Instead, teams of one to four players have an opportunity to snuggle down in front of a computes with Zoom and Kahoot as new best friends. Reports from our first venture suggest that a good time was had by players regardless of the reason they played…. some were curious, some were diehard trivia enthusiasts, some were just bored with the Covid-19 restrictions, ……..all are friends of Rotary (some more recent than others) and we truly appreciated everyone’s participation!